Skin Peels Treating Acne Blackheads Pimples.

Skin Peels Treating Acne Blackheads Pimples.

A Salicylic Acid Peel is second to none when it comes to treating acne, blackheads, pimples and large pores.For best optimal results, a course of frequent light peels is even more beneficial.You will notice a significant result if these skin issues are treated on a regular basis.

Salicylic Acid effectively breaks down lipids and oils/sebum.It dissolves debree sitting in the pores, making it an ideal treatment for acne related skin problems.

  • Salicylic Acid Treatments helps clear and prevent blackheads, pimples/whiteheads and cysts.
  • Helps to shrink large pores by reducing the over production of oil, which in time improves the skins texture, from appearing coarse to looking smooth and refined.
  • Because this Peel has the ability to dissolve, it successfully breaks down the glue that bonds skin cells together. This is an exfoliation process which clears the skin and opens the pores.
  • The acid neutralises the skin PH balance, this action reduces inflammation in the follicle and helps to prevent further breakouts.
  • Peeing the skin with an efficient product like Salicylic Acid is also beneficial in reducing acne scars.

You should expect some moderate tingling during the treatment process and some slight redness, maybe some flaking a few days afterward, but this should subside with some regular applications of a reputable repair moisturising cream and most importantly don’t forget your sunscreen.

Ruth Crawley Beauty offers affordable PeelsLED, Microdermabrasion, Collagen Induction Therapy / Micro Skin Needling /  Microneedling from her Heddon Greta Beauty Salon located a short trip for those based in the Hunter Valley or Maitland regions.

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The Salon Near You


The Salon Near You

Maitland Beauty Therapist Celebrates 18yrs

If you’re in the Greenhills, East Maitland, Maitland and Kurri Kurri areas in the beautiful Hunter Valley and happen to be looking for a Beauty Therapist and Salon of good repute, look no further. Ruth Crawley Beauty … “The Salon Near You” is celebrating her eighteenth year of success in the Beauty Industry.

I completed my training at The Australian College of Beauty Therapy in East Maitland back in 2001, and plunged straight into setting up my first Salon. It was a stellar success from the start. Makeup, nails, facials, waxing, massage…. I was on my way and soon to discover my true passion….The Rejuvenation and Restoration of the Skin!!!!!

It was when I opened my New Salon in Heddon Greta in 2007 I started to accomplish my real goals. From Relaxation Facials and Glycolic Peels, I introduced the beloved and still very favourable today, Microdermabrasion and Galvanic current.The phone was ringing and appointments were being placed for the new sought after service I was able to proudly provide.

By 2009 I was in Melbourne studying with The Flemming Institute for my Laser Safety Credentials. I purchased my first of two IPL machines two months later. Trending Photorejuvenation and permanent hair removal were now the new services I was able to provide and add to the Salon Menu. LED Sapphire Photonlight for wound healing and skin Rejuvenation was introduced next followed by the Ultrasound and Oxygen Facial Therapy. I had achieved my goal. I had a professional skin clinic.

Just when you think there is nothing more you need…!!!!

Along comes The new Dermapen 4 ….. Reinventing Micro Needling and an award winning breakthrough in technology. Dermapen 4 is here to rewrite your skins history!!

WOW…. I immediately applied to attain the required qualifications in this newfound field and with persistence, determination and dedication I believe I have taken my Salon to the next level.





Ruth Crawley Beauty offers affordable IPL,LED, Microdermabrasion, Collagen Induction Therapy / Micro Skin Needling /  Microneedling from her Heddon Greta Beauty Salon located a short trip for those based in the Hunter Valley or Maitland regions.

To book your appointment or to find out more about the procedure contact Ruth directly on 0438 279 099 or  Click Here to visit our contact page and make an online enquiry.



Protect Your Skin From The Rays

Protect Your Skin From The Rays

Protect Your Skin From The Rays

The sun is a powerful source of ultraviolet radiation, which causes DNA damage and genetic mutations that lead to the development of skin cancer. While it’s true that the sun’s UV levels are strongest when temperatures are high, the truth is you are exposed to the sun’s harmful rays all year round even in the winter.

In fact according to the World Health Organisation, fresh snow is a major reflector of UV radiation, which is why skiers wear goggles to protect their eyes from snow blindness. Wearing sunscreen every single day, no matter how warm it is outside, is the easiest and best way to prevent skin from absorbing these dangerous UV rays, especially if you are outdoors. It does not matter what season it is.

Skin rejuvenation treating sun damage and photo rejuvenation. IPL,LED,Microdermabrasion, Micro-Skin Needling

Not all sun damage looks the same. Any change in skin colour is a sign of sun damage, even if it’s not red. Although red or pink is a tell-tale sign that you have been burned, studies confirm that you can have a sunburn long before your skin becomes visibly pink.

You need adequate sunscreen protection no matter how warm it is outside, taking care to ensure extra protection during those midday hours. Each sunburn increases your odds of skin cancer. Though getting sunburnt doesn’t guarantee you will develop skin cancer in your lifetime, every single sunburn you get increases the risk that you will.

Ruth Crawley Beauty. Treatments such as IPL,LED,Microdermabrasion,Micro-Skin Needling and Peeling Treatments for Sun Damaged and Photorejuvenation. Heddon Greta,Maitland Hunter Valley

Note that Makeup alone should not be considered a substitute for sun protection. If you are spending any prolonged time outside, you will need to protect your skin with sunscreen. Hats, sunglasses and clothing designed for sun protection is an added bonus.

You can still get a tan wearing sunscreen, it all depends on the strength of the SPF.
SPF, is a measure of how well a sunscreen will protect the skin from UV rays. It is logical to think that an SPF of 30 is twice as good as an SPF of 15 and so on. According to Spencer, an SPF 15 product blocks about 93% of UV rays; an SPF of 30 product blocks 97% of UV rays; and an SPF of 50 product blocks about 98% of rays.

Soothing sun damaged skin. LED Treatments

Ruth Crawley Beauty offers affordable IPL,LED, Microdermabrasion, Collagen Induction Therapy / Micro Skin Needling /  Microneedling from her Heddon Greta Beauty Salon located a short trip for those based in the Hunter Valley or Maitland regions.

To book your appointment or to find out more about the procedure contact Ruth directly on 0438 279 099 or  Click Here to visit our contact page and make an online enquiry.

Intensive Care For Your Beauty Routine

Intensive Care For Your Beauty Routine

Step 3…The Serum

So you’re just starting to get the hang of cleansing, toning and moisturising twice a day and the beauty world throws you a curve ball. There’s a new miracle on the market, another step to the regime…. What is it going to do for you ? AND do you really need it ?? …. You’ll be amazed. It will be your “I can’t live without you BFF”

A serum is an Intensive Care product that you apply to your face after cleansing and before moisturising. Serums are pricey, and if its all about getting great results for you, then this is a step in your daily routine that you are not going to want to scrimp on.

Serums contain tiny molecules and inside these tiny molecules are pure active ingredients. The molecules are perfectly sized and weighted to enter the skin and deliver beautifying power peptides to the deepest layers of the skin. An intensive and unadulterated feeling of hydration is created.The serum is easily absorbed by the skin to achieve the highest degree of complexion correction and recovery.

The Power Peptides are amazing tools. Food for the skin in fact. Serum ingredients are potent cell stimulators, helping to increase collagen and accelerate wound healing and repair. Power Peptides are critical for correcting skin conditions.

Products that contain Vitamin C, Retinol and salicylic acid are ideal for reducing the effects of sun damage,  ageing skin and acne prone skin. If your skin is lacking in moisture and needs plumping and firming look for serums that contain Vitamin E or Hyaluronic acid. If your skin is looking tired and dull, Epidermal Growth Factor is the new generation of anti-aging products that relaunches elastin and collagen production to provide a better skin radiance and complexion.

Save time and money when purchasing professional skin care. Seek advise from a certified Therapist. Book an appointment for a skin consultation in the privacy of a reputable skin Salon. Be advised on professional skin treatments available to prepare your skin to accept the new product range you wish to purchase.

Your skin perfection journey is only a phone call away 0438279099




Vitamin C Is Essential For Beautiful Skin

Vitamin C

This essential vitamin is the most searched for beauty product and facial treatment. Vitamin C is adored by skincare experts, for its multifunction ability answers every skincare woe. I treat every skin with vitamin C during the facials, peels and ultrasound facial therapies.

Vitamin C is widely known for its anti-oxidant benefits that quenches free radicals and regenerates vitamin E. It is an important regulator brilliantly boosting collagen and normalises the changes caused by ultra induced photo-damage, also inhibiting the over production of melanin. It is best to include Vitamin C in your daily skincare regime for optimal anti-aging results.

Your skin perfection journey is only a phone call away. 0438279099

Vitamin C and its benefits for the skin

The Benefits Of Vitamin C For The Skin

Giving Skin Hydration a Wrap


This innovative 3D sculptured mask delivers potent hydration and healing repair for a stronger and more resilient feeling skin. Designed to sculpt around the face and neck to deliver pure hydrating hyaluronic acid, stimulating copper peptides, healing properties of zinc.

This treatment mask is suitable for all skin types and conditions, especially demanding, reactive skin conditions. It makes for an excellent skin prep, but I favour the benefits of this beauty mask immediately after clinical Peels and Micro Needling procedures to accelerate healing, repair and comfort.

If you have a question or wish to make an appointment please call 0438279099 

Hyla Active 3D Sculptured Mask

About IPL Skin Rejuvenation/Maitland and Hunter Valley

About IPL Skin Rejuvenation/Maitland and Hunter Valley

(IPL) Intense Pulsed Light Skin Rejuvenation uses the power of light to reverse the visible signs of ageing. Unwanted blemishes, surface capillaries, diffused redness, pigmentation, age spots and sun damage can all be significantly reduced and in some instances, permanently removed.

Your skin will be assessed when you come into the salon for your IPL Consultation. You will be asked to fill in a health questionnaire and your skin will be examined to determine whether or not IPL is the suitable treatment option for your skin concerns. Your health and safety is a priority. Previous sun exposure, medications and the colour of your skin can all be a contraindication to IPL procedures and will be carefully taken into consideration before proceeding with any treatment.

You will be advised to follow a Salon Treatment Plan which may include other services such as LED Photonlite and Ultrasound Vitamin Infusion to achieve the best possible results. Avoiding sun exposure and committing to a professional skin care regime that includes a reliable SPF is also advised to assist in maintaining the best positive aesthetic outcome.

Your skin perfection journey is just a phone call away. To book an appointment or if you have a question please call 0438279099

LED Photonlite For Skin Rejuvenation & Repair Maitland & Hunter Valley

LED Photonlite For Skin Rejuvenation & Repair Maitland & Hunter Valley

LED Photonlite

It sounds like a Photo Shoot doesn’t  it ? …Well these fabulous bright LED lights certainly do turn back the clock for your skin. This is one treatment I can honestly say I have absolute faith in and never hesitate in recommending it to my Clients. Its healing capabilities in wound recovery and skin rejuvenation is truely remarkable.

Phototherapy technology was originally developed in NASA to aid wound healing in space. LED is a scientific process that uses wavelengths in the visible light spectrum to send light into the layers of the skin to activate a reaction of cellular activity. The treatment is safe, comfortable and non-invasive. It’s also twenty minutes of rest and relaxation.

Each colour of the spectrum has its own frequency and vibration. Applied to the skin, light energy is converted into cell energy, just like photosynthesis.The light is absorbed by the cell and is dispersed evenly to stimulate collagen, rejuvenate cellular production and kill acne causing bacteria. LED Photonlite treatments are so gentle, you can combine the therapy with other treatments like MicrodermabrasionFacialsAcne Control,  and IPL skin rejuvenation to increase results and reduce any erythema. LED Photonlite has the perfect combination of wavelengths to deliver outstanding results for all skin types and conditions.

For optimal results I advise Clients to commit to weekly treatments until their aesthetic goal has been reached. I have proven to them by following a Salon Treatment Program, structured to suit their skins needs and introduce a quality, professional skin care range, containing Vitamin A & or C into their daily skin care regime, that results will be even greater. Commit to a treatment Plan and before you know it you will soon recognise some amazing positive changes in your skins behaviour. You will be constantly looking in the mirror for that beautiful new glowing complexion.

LED Phonlite with its superior technology has had much success in the aesthetic industry treating the following conditions

  • Reducing fine lines and crows feet
  • Eradicating P.acne bacteria
  • Reduces excess melanin production and age spots
  • Firming and toning the skin
  • Stimulating collagen and elastin
  • Aids in wound healing and scar reduction
  • Reduces scars and uneven skin texture
  • Reduces pore size
  • Treats Dermatitis, Psoriasis and Rosacea
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Increases circulation

Your skin perfection journey is only a phone call away. To book an appointment or ask a question, please call 0438279099

What Is Microdermabrasion ?

Microdermabrasion skin peeling, rejuvenation treatment.

Microdermabrasion at Ruth Crawley Beauty

The perfect skin solution to releasing yourself from the skin problems that restrict your self confidence. Sometimes referred to as the ‘lunchtime peel’, Microdermabrasion is an abrasive process using crystals accelerated onto the skin to abrade layers of dead and damaged skin cells. The procedure is hygienic,safe and painless and is customised for your own skin concerns.Throughout the process a vacuum suction whisks away the fired crystals and unwanted skin debris.

How long until you see results from a Microdermabrasion Treatment?

You will see an instant result after just one Microdermabrasion treatment. The skin’s circulation is increased, stimulating the lymphatic system, oxygenating the cells, bringing about nutrients and ridding the skin of unwanted toxins. Microdermabrasion improves the texture and tone of the skin, increases cell renewal, restoring the skin’s radiance.

The skin recovers rapidly after Microdermabrasion. Depending on the strength of the procedure, any redness should subside within a few hours. A light Mineral Makeup containing healing properties will be applied after the skins nourishing process. For a more advanced procedure, Ultrasound Infusion and LED Light therapies are recommended.

Other Tips & Guidance:

For the health and well being of your skin it’s best to avoid sun exposure whilst having Microdermabrasion treatments and protect your skin at all times. Microdermabrasion offers exceptional opportunities for better penetration of home care skin products. To achieve optimal aesthetic results Ruth can recommend a professional maintenance program, which will include an appropriate SPF, a salon treatment program and a quality skin care range including Vitamin A & or C for an effective skin care regime.

Your skin perfection journey is only a phone call away. To book an appointment or if you have a question, please call 0438279099

Hair Removal Maitland & Hunter Valley

Hair Removal Maitland & Hunter Valley

Can Wax Remove Hair Permanently ?

When you have waxing treatments you can expect the results to last for a few weeks. This method of hair removal is not considered to permanently remove the hair. in some cases it can stunt the growth, over time it does slow down the growth return, but usually the hair will slowly return.For a more permanent solution to hair removal I would suggest IPL Intense Pulsed Light Therapy.