(IPL) Intense Pulsed Light Skin Rejuvenation uses the power of light to reverse the visible signs of ageing. Unwanted blemishes, surface capillaries, diffused redness, pigmentation, age spots and sun damage can all be significantly reduced and in some instances, permanently removed.

Your skin will be assessed when you come into the salon for your IPL Consultation. You will be asked to fill in a health questionnaire and your skin will be examined to determine whether or not IPL is the suitable treatment option for your skin concerns. Your health and safety is a priority. Previous sun exposure, medications and the colour of your skin can all be a contraindication to IPL procedures and will be carefully taken into consideration before proceeding with any treatment.

You will be advised to follow a Salon Treatment Plan which may include other services such as LED Photonlite and Ultrasound Vitamin Infusion to achieve the best possible results. Avoiding sun exposure and committing to a professional skin care regime that includes a reliable SPF is also advised to assist in maintaining the best positive aesthetic outcome.

Your skin perfection journey is just a phone call away. To book an appointment or if you have a question please call 0438279099